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HGH Supplements vs HGH Injections and HGH Oral Sprays -- 3 different methods Review.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is the most plentiful hormone produced by the pituitary gland positioned at the center of the brain. Created by the pituitary gland, the human growth hormone is involved in an assortment of health functions of the human body.
You may be curious as to why we supposedly require additional HGH, if our bodies are already able to produce it. What is the reason for needing HGH supplements?
Researchers claim that the levels of HGH in our body start to decrease at approximately age 30. Our levels keep decreasing at a constant rate as the years go by. As a matter of fact, many experts think that our HGH levels go down by at least 80% over the years.
So why would we care about that?
Many scientists have concluded that this reduction in our HGH levels is responsible for a number of physical problems that are associated with the aging process, like weight gain, decreased stamina, muscle loss, lines and wrinkles, reduced mental alertness, weakened immune system, problems with vision, and others.
Which is to say that many believe a direct correlation exists between HGH levels decreasing and signs of aging increasing. The debilitating effects of aging become more evident as our HGH levels get lower.
Accordingly, the belief is that to properly fight the aging process, it is necessary to get the amount of growth hormone to increase.
This means that HGH really might be the fountain of youth.
How can we increase our HGH levels?
You have 3 different options for replacing and/or increasing your levels of HGH:
* injectable HGH
* HGH that comes in oral spray form
* herbal supplements that use natural methods for increasing your HGH levels.

What are the pluses and minuses for each of these methods?
What methods produce good results?
METHOD # 1: HGH Injections

While HGH injections bear several shortcomings, proof from some noted studies does uphold the fact that HGH injections work quite well.
Synthetic HGH is normally injected 2 to 3 times a day. It adds up to between $50 - $75 each day to try injectable HGH, as the average price is $25 per injection. And worse yet, recombinant, or injectable HGH, is a drug which can only be obtained with a prescription. Furthermore, as you are not dealing with "classified disease", do not expect insurance to approve HGH injections for reimbursement. You will have to pay for this treatment out of your own pocket.
The previously explained injectable form is not natural HGH, but created in the laboratory. It isn't natural. Whenever a large quantity of a hormone from an outside source is introduced into the human body, it creates a risk of causing side effects.
In truth, the July 5, 1990 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine contains a study that discussed the multitude of negative side effects afflicting several patients that had received the injections.
Pros: The injectable form of HGH works very well  
Cons: Injectable HGH is quite costly, causes a great deal of pain, is time-consuming, requires a doctor's prescription, and can cause harmful side effects.

METHOD # 2: HGH Oral Sprays

There is no proof that oral sprays are effective.
You can use oral sprays to spray synthetic HGH right into your mouth. Although they are available, there are significant problems with sprays that cause them not to work.
Sprays are thought to be worthless for the fact that growth hormone is a hefty, changeable molecule which lacks the ability to go through membranes in the mouth. Moreover, managing the dosage is quite infeasible with a spray, although that is of little importance, as the spray is not able to provide a dosage close enough to the therapeutic levels.
Additionally, sprays are filled with presumably hazardous binder and filler additives that experts warn to absolutely keep away from.
To conclude, bad taste is an undesirable feature of oral HGH sprays as they give a disagreeable sensation in the mouth.
Pros: There are no pros. Cons: Oral HGH Sprays do not work, they have a terrible taste, and many of them contain harmful binders and fillers.
METHOD # 3: HGH Supplements (Herbal Supplements)

There is great disagreement about effectiveness of HGH Supplements. Still, some studies conducted recently have attested to the effectiveness of some HGH Supplements as well as the degree of their benefits, which are no worse than high-priced HGH injections.
In the case of herbal HGH supplements, various herbal supplements are combined and taken orally as a tablet or capsule. The pills are normally taken before going to bed, because the pituitary gland is most active in producing HGH while we're sleeping.
Synthetic HGH is not present in herbal HGH supplements, a departure from the case with injections and sprays. Quite the opposite, herbal HGH Supplements are made up of totally natural ingredients. It is felt that a proper concoction of herbs is capable of firing up the pituitary gland, causing it to emit larger amounts of growth hormone produced by the body itself.
In the opinion of some experts, this is precisely why HGH supplements offer a much higher degree of safety than either injections or sprays. Instead of using synthetics by mouth or needle, the pituitary is encouraged by HGH supplements to make more growth hormones itself. This in turn avoids the undesirable side effects that you'd encounter using other methods of HGH replacement.
Pros: A number of studies done recently have shown that many herbal HGH supplements are highly effective. Herbal HGH supplements cost much less than either oral sprays or injections, and are free of any side effects. Also, you don't need a prescription for herbal HGH supplements.
Cons: None.

So what conclusions can we draw from this information?

Based upon the data currently available on HGH, it certainly seems as though the least expensive, safest, most effective method of boosting or restoring your natural levels of HGH is through the use of herbal HGH supplements.

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