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Serum levels of HGH

Serum levels of HGH can be increased in 3 ways.

1. Non-prescription supplementation of Amino Acid Secretagogues.  Stimulates natural hormonal     production.

For Details regarding The AntiAging & Longevity Project Secretagogue Formulations

2. Exercise, hard aerobics & moderate anaerobics.  Exercise stimulates HGH production.

3. Prescription rHGH.  Actual HGH via injection.  Requires Dr.’s prescription!

1.  Nutritional Stimulation / A focus of our research.

Requires no prescription.  All of the components are available at any full line Health Food Store!

Stimulation of the Hypothalamus & Anterior Pituitary to produce more hgh with Amino Acid secretagogue stimulation.  Amino Acid Secretagogues, or nutritional stimulation of the endocrine system, requires no prescription and have fewer potential side effects and are relatively inexpensive.

An accepted medical testing procedure for pituitary function is to introduce an amino acid, l-Arginine, directly into the system (IV) and then measure HGH blood levels.

Oral administration of amino acids are effective but not as effective as IV administration.  This is similar to the fact that IV antibiotics are more effective than oral antibiotic medications, but the oral medications work and are much less expensive!

Nutritional hormonal stimulation ( the Secretagogue Stack ) is synergistic with a relatively hard aerobic & anaerobic workout.

The primary amino acid stimulators of HGH are:   as described in Dr. Ronald Klatz’s book “Grow Young With HGH”!

This book is full of references, lab work documentation & research reports.  I highly recommend this book.

Do not use fruit juice as a mixing aid.  Fruit juice has carbohydrates / sugar that eliminate , or at best reduce, the HGH pulse.

Low Carbohydrate Diet Science

Growth Hormone Friendly Zone, from Greg Watson’s site.

The basis of the “Growth Hormone Friendly Zone” is the low carbohydrate diet and the resulting low blood sugar.

The “Growth Hormone Friendly Zone” is necessary for a significant HGH pulse, even with hard exercise.

HGH is secreted when blood glucose is low to burn body fat for fuel!

The diet would be somewhat similar to Dr. Adkins diet or Dr. Barry Sears “Zone Diet” plan.

Synergy = Low Carb Diet   Secretagogue Stack    Aerobic / Anaerobic Workout! = Optimum HGH Secretion

The Amino Acids act as stimulators to the endocrine system.

The Secretagogue Stack must be taken on an empty stomach and not as a complete protein.

The Secretagogue Stack must be taken at least 2 ( 3 is better ) hours after food consumption.

The Amino Acid Secretagogues act as stimulators to the endocrine system ( Hypothalamus & Anterior Pituitary ).

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, 5- 20 grams per day.


Glutamine Peptides.  A form of Glutamine, with a different absorption mechanism than L-Glutamine.

L-Arginine, 3 –  8 grams  per day.

Increases Nitrogen retention, important for muscle growth.

Results in a HGH pulse & is complimented by L-Ornithine.

Arginine Pyroglutamate – most expensive component of the formulations. 1.5 to 4 grams per day.

Must be used with L-Lysine instead of L-Arginine.

L-Lysine & L-Arginine compete for the same receptors in the brain.

Arginine Pyroglutamate was used in the Italian / Dr. Isordi studies.

L-Lysine (Amino acid) 1.5 – 8 grams  per day.

Arginine Pyroglutamate must be used instead of L-Arginine if L-Lysine is used.

L-Ornithine  2 – 8 grams  per day.

Excitatory,  not in PM formulation.

HGH increases, compliments L-Arginine.

OKG  3-8 grams per day.

Originally a French designer amino acid.

Used in Hospital “Burn Units” for skin growth.

Glycine 3 – 10 grams per day.

Excellent pre workout.

GABA (Nighttime only) 2 – 5 grams at bed time. Promotes REM  sleep ( Rapid Eye Movement, dream state).

USA Today article on deep REM sleep & Growth Hormone.

Niacin (B-3) 250 – 500 mg, twice per day

A lesser amount is used in the night lime formulation.

Vit. C.

An effervescent form is used.

If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.~ Mickey Mantle

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