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Human Growth Hormone May Affect on Inevitability of Aging

The gradual decline of the body’s hormonal systems affect how fast we age more than any other factor, aside from genetic changes that occur with age and providing that you choose a healthy lifestyle and diet.

The medical community has been aware of the roles that hormones play for more than a century. But the viewpoint of medicine has always held the presupposition of death, and we are wary to attempt any intervention. We have unconsciously assumed that it is contrary to the laws of nature to interfere with the inevitable decline that leads to death. These constrictive paradigms are currently shifting.

Ask yourself how old you were when you felt your best, most energetic, and most optimistic. Most people will respond with an age in the early twenties. With that in mind, why not survey the bodily hormone systems and utilize orthomolecular human hormone supplementation to return each to the level present in your body when you were in your early twenties? When this is done, you start to feel better in just a few days. In just a few months you begin to feel as you did when you were that age. And within just a few years, you begin to look as young as you feel.

Of course, we do not mean to imply that you will look like you are 20 years old again, but it is quite possible to look ten to twenty years younger by reversing changes that you thought were inevitable and irreversible.

The rate at which we age, as well as the physical and mental symptoms of aging, can all be regulated with the hormones DHEA, melatonin, pregnenolone, the estrogens, testosterone, and HGH (human growth hormone), and all of these hormones are currently available. Since they are available over the counter and people do not monitor their hormonal levels before or after taking the hormones, these items are not being used optimally. The objective is to take enough supplements to maintain the levels that were present when you were 20, not to take hormones indiscriminately. It is possible to obtain other hormones, such as the natural human estrogens (estrone, estriol, and estradiol) and testosterone, with a prescription. But in order to obtain the best results, prior to supplementation, all these hormones should be tested; once this is done, the goal of supplementation should be to achieve and maintain optimal levels, not just high levels. Low hormonal levels are bad, but elevated hormone levels can be even worse.

Hormone replacement therapy is becoming quite mainstream, and is capable of reducing morbidity and mortality rates by half. You are missing out on your opportunity for great health if you have not asked to be tested for adrenal, sex, and thyroid hormone levels.

Of course, the biggest problem is locating the right physician who will order these tests. Many doctors still adhere to the old school philosophy that aging is inevitable and not considered to be a disease. When many people tell their physicians about various complaints, they are dismissed with comments such as: “Well, what do you expect? You are aging. Deal with it. We all die eventually!” Prior to making your appointment, it is wise to screen your doctor.

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