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Growing Old? Just Growing and Older?

Growing older does not have to be about growing old. With intention and appreciation for the aging process we can all age feeling satisfied with our lives.

We all have the ability to transform our aging process into a journey of wisdom and vitality while we become older. The ultimate goal for people who are aging consciously is allowing the wisdom of our experience to guide us as we express who we are in new ways, and to remain a contributing part of the world around us.

With all this diversity and expansion, it seems clear that each of us must assume greater responsibility for our own process, claiming for ourselves what fits us and inspires us to greater well being. We need to be aware of the stereotypical beliefs that pervade our thinking and then examine each one for its accuracy in modern times.

Fit After Fifty:

Being fit after fifty in body, mind and spirit requires a different kind of awareness and attention than when we were in our thirties and forties. No matter how fit we are, our levels of energy shift and change, as do our interests. In a world that values youth and extremes, it can be easy to devalue our years by imitating the young. Rather than waste our time trying to be younger, let’s enhance it by exploring the richness of our longevity, without comparing it to any other age group, including our own, or any previous generation as they have experienced it. To do this takes knowing ourselves, our level of well being, our interests, our commitments and our abilities. It is never too late to build a healthy lifestyle.

To begin to nurture your own spirit, start by trying something new today, perhaps right now!

If you are reading this late at night and it seems too late to be creative, think again! What if you just got into bed from a different side than usual? Or crawled in from the bottom? What if you sang yourself to sleep? What if you slept with your head at the foot of your bed, or took your blanket and camped out under the dining room table? There is no end to the newness we can create in our lives as we expand the boundaries of our thinking.

An Intention Setting Process:

1. Decide the qualities and values you want to experience. If you want more peace, abundance, love, joy, fulfillment, creativity, etc., declare your intention to bring this quality into every goal you set. Write it down. There is a power added to our commitments when we write them down.
2. Create a separate affirmation for each quality you desire, and for the situation in which you want to experience it. An affirmation always states the situation as if it already exists. For example, you might write, “I feel a great peace and creativity at work,” or “I have the abundance to meet my deepest values and experience a prosperous quality of life.”
3. Each week, take time to read through your list and to notice the ways you can create, or allow this feeling to be present in your experience.

Setting off in a chosen direction doesn’t require as much will power as forcing yourself to meet a goal that goes against your deepest intention. All you need to do is a make a commitment to begin and then take a step in the direction of your intention each day. Soon you will find that a synergy develops between your affirmation and your life, your goals will be accomplished.

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