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Anti-aging: Hydro-Cure Cellular Rejuvenation

Mineral and botanical enriched herbal baths, saunas and other skin-renewing hydro-cures are the most potent (and cheapest) natural self-care tools available. Maybe that’s one reason why hydro-cures are the most used treatment in health farms (therapeutic clinics) and spas, around the world.


Using water to promote an ageless appearance is one of the oldest, most potent (and cheapest) natural self-care tools available. Maybe, that’s one reason why hydro-cures are the most used treatment in health farms (therapeutic clinics) and spas, around the world. The act of simply pouring a stream of cold water over the face, prevents wrinkle formation, or toe aerobics in crushed ice to increase cellular vitality are just two easy, natural law methods of skin rejuvenation which can be performed in the convenience and privacy of our own homes.

Mineral and botanical enriched herbal baths; saunas and other skin-renewing hydro-cure treatments have a luxuriating history of indulging the detoxification of premature aging. Hydro-cures gentle wash away excessive perspiration, dead skin cells and embedded cellular toxins while at the same time, stimulate deep tissue layer cleansing. They also do wonders to refresh the body and renew the spirit. People all over the world, use hydro-cures from the extravagant bath-houses of the ancient Roman’s to the hot mineral springs of Japan, for the sole purpose of skin purification and rejuvenation. Many traditional cultures regard natural mineral springs a sacred gift from Mother Earth, and are frequently visited as special places for miraculous healing. In Europe, the leader in natural-earth therapies, hydro-cures have become a valued alternative to the accelerated cost of drugs, and sometimes unnecessary, cosmetic surgery.

Natural water healing methods, including hot/cold stream application, herbal effusions and compresses, the combined use of the forces of nature (sun, water, food, exercise), a positive attitude and imagery of life expectancy, all form a course of treatment which is designed to restore both physical and mental unity. These simple treatments can be adapted for home use to retard cellular and functional wear and tear. Anti-aging hydro-cures have exceptional versatility. They can be used to stimulate or relax with almost no strain on the body, they can strengthen the immunity, increase vitality, or encourage deep tissue detoxification and with not a negative side effect experienced. While some treatments require full body immersion others require a flowing stream of cold water over a particular body part, it’s that simple. There are literally hundreds of water based, skin rejuvenating treatments (I have included a few my father swore by) which can be adapted to individual needs, as you begin to erase your visible map of self-neglect.

Facial effusion

Use this treatment to stimulate a rich supply of cleansing blood to your facial and upper body skin. If performed frequently, it will restore natural elasticity to the skin and is very popular amongst European men who effuse weekly to increase general suppleness and retain their good looks.

The treatment:

Remain dressed and warm from the chest down, but remove all your clothing from your neck and upper shoulders. On a thick supporting towel, lean your neck and shoulders backwards, over a bathtub or sink, in a warm room. Using a hand held shower hose (with head removed) turn on the cold faucet so that a smooth sheet of constant, non-pressurized water is delivered to your skin. Once the water flow is constant and smooth, circle your skin beginning with the temples, moving back and forth from one side of your face to the other. After about three lengths this way, move the water flow across your face from the left to the right. Repeat both directions once more then conclude by circling water over your whole face twice. Pat your skin dry with a pre-warmed towel to remove any excess water, then allow your skin to air dry in a well ventilated room. This treatment is more beneficial with the help of another person.

Whole body-wash

Use whole body washing as a self-care tool to relax internal functioning while at the same time strengthening it through active elimination of toxic build-up. The spreading of cool water over the skin with a rough linen cloth or hemp mitt activates natural body warmth, while cleansing and purifying the cells and tissues. Whole body washing is an excellent skin renewal tool to refresh your spirit between work and leisure.

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